«Adros KT-01 AVE» Infra-red counter-measure system

Protection of helicopters and airplanes against defeat by guided missiles with infrared (IR) homing heads is one of priorities at the time.


Protection of helicopters and airplanes against defeat by guided missiles with infrared (IR) homing heads is one of priorities at the time. The reason is pretty high efficiency of such missiles as well as newly developed. Last decades local war experience shows that approximately 90 % of all aircraft defeats in military conflicts are provided by guided missiles with IR seekers.

Technical profile of IR Jammer

Wavelength band

1,8-5,5 μ and 8-10 μ


Wide band IR source


Azimuth: 360°

Jammer range

at least 5 km

Ability to jam
the missile seekersof the type

Instantaneous and simultaneous jamming of seekers with
amplitude-phase, frequency-phase, time-pulse modulation

Jamming protection for

First, second and third generation missile seekers

Communication interface

RS 422/1553B
Jamming code software

Software is designed in Assembler programming code and
is flexible for reprogramming and future upgrades

Pointing accuracy

The system jams all the missiles with IR seeker in the field
of coverage that makes it unnecessary to calculate coordinates
of a specific missile

Power consumption Max 4 KW. There is no stand by mode for the system. It
operates continuously within the entire mission ensuring
stable and permanent protection of the aircraft / helicopter.
Power supply

Standard power supply existing at helicopters / aircraft
28 v dc / 115 V / 208 V 3 φ

Environmental condition

Compliant to MIL-STD-810E

EMI/EMC compliance

Compliant to 461 D

Mounting on the aircraft

Mounting interface for easy mounting
on the helicopter / aircraft is available


Jam station "Adros" КТ-01AVE provides active protection of helicopters against guided missiles with infrared homing heads. "Adros" station countermeasures to infrared homing heads with PPM, frequency-phase (FPM), time-pulse (TPM) modulation and to the seekers with high noninterference. "Adros " KT-01AVE cracks a trajectory of such missiles, as "Stinger" (FPM), "Igla" (SA-18, TPM), "Igla-1" (SA-16, FPM), R-60 (FPM), R-60М (FPM), R-73 (TPM), "Sidewinder" (PPM, FPM) and others. Thus interference signal excess over the target signal is not required.

The main advantages "Adros" KT-01AVE are following:

1. Station does not require the information on type and frequency of approaching missile seeker.
2. It works without missile warning system.
3. Station does not require approaching missile tracking system.
4. Station provides circular and permanent protected zone.
5. It has rather simple design and, as a consequence, high reliability and the comprehensible price.



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Shot at Siege of Sebastopol during Crimean War


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Does a bullet fired from Lee Enfield rifle, as used in both world wars


The Nizam of Hyderabad raised in 1975 for his war against the Marathas


Is an effective range of Big Bertha, the World War I howitzer

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