• all solid state design;
  • full coherence is implemented, owing to which radar parameters are significantly improved;
  •  wide range of narrow- and broadband probing signals enabling radar adaptation to various combat conditions;
  • digital signal processing, including matched filtration, clutter and active jamming suppression, target detection and coordinate measuring, target tracking and data distribution to consumers;
  • practically approved reliable software, user-friendly interface;
  • only COTS components are used from renowned suppliers, this coupled with quality system approval guarantees the high level of reliability.


  • large number of probing signals, ability to choose the best depending on air situation, jamming and combat conditions;
  • parameters of probing signal - working frequency, modulation type, waveform - reconfigurable;
  • reconfiguration of signal parameters can be carried out via program or randomly (reconfiguration of probing signal parameters does not affect the quality of clutter suppression);
  • increase of signal to noise ratio due to matched filtration of received signals, increase of detection range and accuracy;
  • significant (up to 100dB) increase of dynamic range resulting in high jamming immunity and suppression of local targets and weather formations;
  • efficient algorithms of clutter suppression with wind speed compensation;
  • automatic switching of amplitude and coherent channels decreasing signal loss and increasing detection range and accuracy;
  • implemented functions of a radar extractor for post-detection signal processing (detection, location measuring, plots generation, clutter map, scan-to-scan processing, stabilization of false target generation, processing of identification signals, data distribution to consumers);
  • low power consumption;
  • handy design, easy operation of radar;
  • efficient monitoring system of all components.

Dejamming capabilities

A range of hardware and software solutions are implemented in the radar P-180U enabling suppression of the following kinds of jamming:

  • nonsynchronous and chaotic pulse noise;
  • response pulse noise;
  • active noise jamming.

Radar specifications

# Specification Value
  Frequency band 140-180 MHz, 0,2 MHz discreet
  Measured parameters azimuth, range
1             Radar coverage zone:  
min range 2,7 km
max range 360 km
2             Location accuracy:  
range 180 m
azimuth 0,4°
bearing of active jammers
3             Resolution:  
range 1100 m
4             Jamming immunity:  
4.1   Against active jamming:  
automatic monitoring of jamming conditions and automatic adaptive working frequency hopping 0.2 MHz discreet +
high dynamic range of signal processing system (of the receiver and digital signal processing unit) - 105dB; +
extra expansion of dynamic range (by 30 dB) through automatic gain control; +
4-channel dejammer of active jamming is offered as an option, providing jamming suppression of 32 dB (at SNR of 40 dB) option
4.2   Against passive jamming:  
clutter suppression ratio (factor) not less than 50 dB
working zone of the MTI system 0-400 km, adaptive MTI, clutter map
4.3   Against nonsynchronous pulse jamming: full suppression
5             Target detection mode, tracking: auto
plots per scan up to 1000
number of tracks up to 150
active jammer tracking up to 36
6             Height-finder control mode: (option) fully automatic, on condition of
installation of height-finder extractors


2 - 4

numuer от conironea neigni-Tinaers
7             FA guidance modes and ADMS targeting: (options) +
8             Operating conditions:  
temperature -40… +50°С
relative humidity 95%
max asl 2500 m
9             Combat crew 3
  Start-up time 40 sec.
10           Set-up/tear down time 1 hour
11           Power consumption up to 10 kVA



Tonnes of iron
Shot at Siege of Sebastopol during Crimean War


Revolutions per minute
Does a bullet fired from Lee Enfield rifle, as used in both world wars


The Nizam of Hyderabad raised in 1975 for his war against the Marathas


Is an effective range of Big Bertha, the World War I howitzer

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