The Mobile VHF-UHF Communications Intelligence (COMINT) Complex is intended for the position finding and recording the radio frequency radiation sources within the frequency range of 30 MHz - 3000 MHz.


The Mobile VHF-UHF Communications Intelligence (COMINT) Complex is intended for the position finding and recording the radio frequency radiation sources within the frequency range of 30 MHz - 3000 MHz.

Complex consists of three identical Mobile COMINT Stations mounted in the shelter, which can be installed on the platform of the truck or on the trailer.



The Mobile COMINT Station includes:

1. Direction finding (DF) antenna system. Which is implemented on the basis of two 9-element ring antenna arrays operating within the frequency range 30-600 MHz and 600-3000 MHz. The mast with the antenna system is automatically raised into position by the driving mechanism.

2.     Conversion and digital signal processing block;

3.     Automated workstations of operators;

4.     Power supply and life-support equipment;

5.     Radio communications equipment;

6.     Survey control equipment. MAIN FUNCTIONS OF COMPLEX


•  Automatic detection and analysis (measurement of parameters) radio signals in the preset frequency band.

•  Automatic direction finding of detected radiation sources.

•  Executive direction finding (by command from the outside) or command forming on direction finding for another station.

•  Formation of amplitude frequency (spectral) panorama of the whole range or the separate bands, as well as the amplitude-frequency- time panorama (in the 5 MHz band).

•  Formation of DF (amplitude-frequency-azimuth) panorama of the whole range or the separate bands.

•  Calculation of the radio sources coordinates and the formation of radio environment map on the basis of terrain map.

•  Demodulation of radio signals in real time or previously recorded.

•  Formation of database with results of the detection, analysis, demodulation, direction and position finding.

•  Check of equipment service capability using built in control elements.


Operating frequency range:

From 30 mhz to 3000 mhz.

Maximum scanning speed for operating frequency
range at the detecting of radio signals :   

not less than 1000 mhz/s

Field sensitivity at the direction finding with mean
square error 1 ° and 20 ms measurement cycle:                   

not more than 10 mv/m.

Minimum duration of radiation for directional signal:

600 ms

Single signal dynamic range:

Not less than 80 db.

Discrete control of attenuation on the input:

From 0 to 30 db with spacing 2 db.

Dynamic range by intermodulation of 3rd and 2nd levels:

Not less than 70 db.

Intermediate frequency band on digital converter
output (band of instant review):       

б mhz.

Directional radio signal band:


З ... 600 khz.

Automatic measurement of the following signal parameters
at the signal-to-noise ratio not less than 10 db is provided:

• Medium signal frequency (carrier)

With res0luti0n capability 10 hz;

• Signal-to-noise ratio

10_з0 db with res0luti0n capability 0^ db;

• Symbol modulation rate

10...б4000 baud with res0luti0n capability 10 baud;

• Signal bandwidth


3...б00 khz with res0luti0n capability 10 hz;

With error no more than:

• Average frequency

10% 0f the signal bandwidth;


+/- 1.б db;

• Symbol modulation rate


• Signal bandwidth



Power supply:

• Build-in petrol electric generator;

• 0r external single-phase alternating current
electric system of voltage 220 v і 10 v with frequency 60 hz і 2 hz,

• 0r built-in storage batteries of voltage 24 v.


Operational temperature range from minus 20 °с to plus 60 °с.



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The Nizam of Hyderabad raised in 1975 for his war against the Marathas


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