Field Hangars

Inflatable Field Hangars


Inflatable hangars are textile-made constructions boosted with electric fan. Air pressure facilitates for keeping required shape. Further air pressure inside the structure keeps the inflatable hangar in the desirable shape for a certain period of time.

Standard 220V powered electric compression pumps are used for air boosting within the hangar frame. Regularly their power stands in between of 1,5-2,5 kW/h, but it’s used not permanently – the boosting system turns on automatically when air pressure falls down inside the construction, therefore, the fan normally serves of 3% to 10% of operating time.

The construction is performed of special textile tissue (polyvinylchloride) which is flame-proof and additionally reinforced material. State-of-the-art European developments, materials and equipment are used for designing and production of these type of inflatable constructions.

The fan is required to protected from precipitation when it is located outdoor. Its compact size of 60x50x60 cm allows to apply any type of water-proof boxes. The hangars are year-round constructions, they can also easily stand bad weather – they are quite standable against 25 m/s windspeed, and its surface is resistible of up to 180 kg/m2 snow covering. The also effectively can be served in desert areas.

Inflatable hangars are also convenient for the fact that ground for their deployment does not require prior special preparation. The hangar is well-ventilated and keep required pressure and temperature inside. Admissible temperature range is of – 30˚C to +60˚C. This type of product can be easily used for both for military and auxiliary purposes within damage control activities.

Technologies perfectly fit military constructions such as pre-fabricated buildings for crew disposition, training and field-training process, repair-and-renewal operations, equipment and weapons storage, material and technical, clothing and food stocks and so on.

Advantages of inflatable hangars:

  • Fire-proof material
  • Easy and rather fast installation
  • Well-ventilating
  • Absence of overpressure inside the construction
  • Temperature is kept at a required level
  • Structure is resistant to physical damages
  • Sustains pressure of up to 1m snow layer on its surface

The construction is designed for providing first aid. It can also be used as barracks for personnel.


Aircraft hangars


  • services activities of aircrafts, helicopters and other aerial vehicles
  • mobile aircraft repair workshop (units, air-engines repair, technical checkup, refurbishment etc.)
  • mobile hangar (shed) for aerial vehicles parking, inflatable hangars with shell-type air gates for helicopters.

Also radioparent domes can be produced for country Air Defense systems or weathercasting stations. These constructions are conveniently to be placed in highlands, where there are no specially prepared areas or there is no opportunity to make such.


  • Radioparent domes
  • Field hospital
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Military equipment warehouses and maintenance site



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