MIG-29 Sokol-KTS Complex Simulator


MIG-29, Sokol-KTS Complex Simulator

MIG-29 complex simulator designed to provide the effective training and maintaining pilot skills in operating and combat using the plane, while reducing materials expenses and usage remains.

The simulator provides an opportunity for pilots to work out the following main tasks:

1. Pre-flight check equipment procedures

2. Pre-flight check engines, start up engines on the ground, and in the air

3. Movement on a taxiway and runway in day, night and IMC (Instrumental Meteorological Conditions)

4. Take-off and climb keeping visual contact to RW ( Runway), locality, horizon line and take-off in night conditions.

5. Instrumental flight and visual flight in full range of altitudes, speeds , pitch and roll angles, in manual and automatic controlling modes.

6. Automatic and autonomous solving of the tasks of navigation programming the assign route, using all coordinates correction options, realized on a simulator.

7. Performing the visual flight at low altitudes ( tactical flight ).

8. Search, discover and recognition of the ground , marine, and air targets. Aiming and using aviation weapon located at plane in all modes of operating, in day and night, VMC ( Visual Meteorological Conditions ) and IMC, under influence of radio-electronic hindrances.

9. Recognition of the radio-emitting air defence facilities, evaluating the radio-electronic situation, using on-board means and training of pilots in actions, using plane defence complex.

10. Flight in group.

11. Aerobatic.

12. Radio-communication.

13. Approach and landing the airfield, landing with using the radio-technical facilities and visually by day, night, VMC and IMC.

14. Training the actions in emergency situations of flight, failure of equipment and systems, fire on board, other situations of Manual Instructions.


Technical characteristics of SOKOL-KTS Simulator


1. Min. space required for installing 102 m²

2. Min. room height required 6 metres.

3. Max. electric power consumed 220/388 V 45 kVA.

4. Temperatures range, not below +15°C and not above +25°C.

5. Continual operation time not less than 8 hours.

6. Assigned operation duration for period of 15 years using 16,000 hours.

7. Net weight of simulator 6,569 kg, Gross weight 9,160 kg.


Plane cockpit model which reproduces the compartment of fuselage Diaphragm 6 to Frame 3A, included. The cockpit concerning its structure and components location, completely corresponds to original cockpit of MIG-29 fighter. There are more than 70 indicator imitators and controls, 7 specialized controllers and some connection boxes in the cockpit, and visualization system. Visualization system of simulator consists of 3 graphic stations, reflecting optical device with range of view 150 ° degrees horizontally and 38° degrees vertically. Available in simulator 3-D models of flight region with 400х400 kilometres dimensions have been built at the basis of electronic maps of real Earth surface, distributes to pilot the visual information about external space, referring to position of the plane relative to Earth surface objects and horizon line.

Dynamic platform with six levels of freedom provides change of position in space of a plane cockpit simulator which is set on it. Thus adequate imitation of linear and angular accelerations is provided, as well as vibration which is felt by the pilot during movement on a run-way. The dynamic platform provides spatial moving of the cockpit simulator on coordinates X, Y, Z with amplitude from a minus of 30 cm up to plus of 30 cm, and on pitch, roll and yawing – from a minus 15 degrees up to plus 15 degrees.

Computing complex of simulator includes 7 computers and special software, enables to imitate operating of main systems and equipment of the plane, provides the modeling the plane flight dynamic in real time, outer conditions, navigation situation, acoustic noises. The complex provides the imitation of plane flight performances in all range of altitude, speed, gravity centre location, acceleration, attack angle and slide. The imitation of influence at movement and features of the plane, its current weight, gravity centre location, engine power mode, position of flaps, wings mechanism and landing gear, provides in all modes of modeling. There is a possibility of setting the kind of flight region – flat, mountains, sea and sea-shore.

Second working place for pilot, includes 2 monitors, first one monitor indicates the state of controls and indicators of second plane cockpit, second one provides visualization the out -of -cockpit area, and joystick enable to operate the second plane. The second working place for pilot allows to perform either the coupled flight or use the second plane as target in process of air fight.

Working place of instructor consists of 3 computers, 5 monitors, printer, joystick as control device and special software. It provides the possibility of controlling and monitoring the pilot activity, setting and changing the initial conditions of flight, managing the individual systems of simulator, monitoring the state of computing system, allows the video observation of pilot actions, switching on and canceling the situation of failure systems and equipment.



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