Various electronic & mechanical components produced in Ukraine

Besides of the OEMs mentioned above, the following items/ spares pertaining to Su-30 MK Aircraft are producing by different Ukrainian plants.

Besides of the OEMs mentioned above, the following items/ spares pertaining to Su-30 MK Aircraft are producing by different Ukrainian plants:

-         Different types of Contactors – TKS; TKD; TKE; KM; DMR etc.;

-         Different types of Circuit Breakers – AZS; AZSGK; AZRGK; AZK-1M etc;

-         Different types of Knobs/Microswitches – KNR; KNZ, KP, KZ, PK, 4KNR, 8KNR, 711 etc.;

-         Different types of Switches – PKN; KN;PKB7 etc.;

-         Different types of Aircraft Lamps –SM; KGMN (KGM); KGSM etc.;

-         Different types of Electrical Motors – DRV; DID; DGM; DPM; MMT-1.5S-OM etc.;

-         Different types of Transmitters – MST(V) etc.;

-         Different types of Radio-Frequency Cables – RK, PETV, etc.;

-         Different types of Airborne cables – BPDO (E); PTL(E) etc.;

-         Different types of Wires – MGSHV etc.;

-         All types of Rubber Sleeves under TY 380051515-92 – 1Y; 1M; 2Y; 2M; 3Y; 3M; 4Y; 4M; 5Y; 5M etc.;

-         All types of Rubber Sleeves under TY 0056016-87 type 40Y – 3atm/5atm/7atm/13atm etc;

-         Aircraft  Fabrics – AZT; NT-7 etc.;

-         Thermometers – TP-2; TNV-45; TV-45K etc;

-         Different types of Voltmeters – V; VF; VA etc;

-         Different types of Ampermeters – A; AF etc.;

-         Magnetic tape for system “Tester” EP-298;

-         Different types of Shock absorbers – APN; APNM; AFD; AD etc;

-         Different types of Light Annunciators – BANO; XC; ANO; FR-11; SM-1BM (KM); MS-M; MS2-4; SPP-2; APM; AGL; S (S-60; S-80; SV; ST), SLTSN; FM; FSHM; MFS; PRM; KS etc;

-         Headlamps – MPRF; PBS; FR-9 etc.;

-         Tables – TS-3M; TS-5M etc.;

-         Fuse holders – DVP; DPB, PM etc.;

-         Different types of Connectors – SHR; SNTS; CNP; SR; SHR; RS; RPKM; RM; 2RM; 2RMG; RPS; RP; 2RTT; SHRA; SHRAP; SHK; ШЩ etc.;

-         Oxygen Hoses – KSH (KSH-52M) etc.;

-         Oxygen Hoses 9B6 … (9B6.450.366)

-         Wide range of Aviation Bearings as per ETY 100 etc.;

-         Different types of Valves – GU; GI; GS; GM; GMI; 6ZH; 6N; 6P etc.;

-         Some types of TWTs UV;

-         Different types of Fuses – PM; SP; IP; VP etc.

-         Different types of Photo Diodes – FD, FDK, UFD etc.;

-         Different types of Electromagnets – EMKO-K; EMKO-M; EMKO-KT; EMKO-MT; EMO-2/2T etc.;

-         Different types of Capacitors, Diodes, Microcircuits, Transformers and small electronic components.



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