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almost 3 years ago

The specialists of "Spetstechnoexport" took an opportunity to exchange experiences with leading international companies producing military equipment, to get fresh orders continuing cooperation with foreign partners and to start new projects during the exhibition.

During the exhibition a large number of meetings with foreign companies to continue existing cooperation or establishing new relations in the defense industry sphere were held by the STE representatives. The Republic of Turkey is one of the most promising partners of Ukraine in that process, and participation that event allowed the Ukrainian delegation to take steps to deepen cooperation in various areas.

A great number of talks and negotiations were held with Turkish companies on the issues of Ukrainian enterprises participation in the projects related to the armament of armored force vehicles areas. As a result the number of agreements requiring technical specifications coordination has been achieved during the IDEF – 2015.

A lot of companies and their exhibit objects provided were also presented at the event, which allowed the STE delegation to carry out fruitful work toward negotiations with foreign partners to continue further cooperation.

In particular, the SFTE “Spetstechnoexport” and «Daewoo International Corporation» (South Korea) have discussed and identified possible areas of cooperation during the bilateral meeting. Both parties have also signed a Memorandum on cooperation that symbolises mutual interest and willingness to establish and continue the bilateral cooperation.

Within the IDEF – 2015 the Ukrainian and US delegations identified ways of further cooperation in the defence industry. The STE specialists held negotiations with Worldwide Aeros Corporation/NADATS representatives concerning the cooperation on the issues of realisation of Ukrainian products and their joint manufacture and the issue of equipment supplying for the Armed Forces of Ukraine was also discussed. The Cooperation Agreement and a Memorandum on products supplying for the Ukrainian defence and law enforcement agencies were signed by the both sides during the meeting.

During the exhibition the Ukrainian side, especially the STE representatives, were able to perform to the foreign partners the capabilities of Ukrainian enterprises dealing in the area of military-industrial complex, allowing them to highlight and demonstrate the potential of Ukrainian producers to attract new partners for cooperation and productive cooperation support with existing ones.

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