Ukrainian drones can compete with the best world analogues – Pavlo Barbul
Tactical and technical characteristics of the drones, produced in Ukraine, are as good as their Western counterparts, winning price competition due to product quality. This was explained by the head of SFTE "Spetstehnoeksport" Pavlo Barbul in his interview for online edition Delo.UA 

According to him, today four manufacturers of unmanned aircrafts successfully operate due to effective cooperation between "Spetstehnoeksport" and Ukrainian companies. Drones can perform combat missions and compete with their well-known counterparts in the global market.

The batch of UAVs "Furia" - produced by "Athlone Avia" - is already transferred to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. In addition, three manufacturers successfully passed the test at Honcharivskiy proving ground, showing better results than their well-known US counterparts.

New developments of "Spetstehnoeksport" in UAV production are driven by the needs of Defense of Ukraine. For example, the UAV "Observer-S" completed its combat mission, living the area of ​​destruction and having restored positioning data, during the test in terms of active radio countermeasures. It should be noted that the majority of drones often fail their mission and get lost after targeted attacks of this type.

"All these facts affirm huge export potential of our drones. We will have a chance to demonstrate our UAVs at the International Defence Exhibition in India in late March,"- said Pavlo Barbul.

Director of SFTE "Spetstehnoeksport" noted that other UKROBORPONPROM state enterprises have their own developments in UAV’s production. SE "Chuguev Aircraft Repair Plant" and OJSC “MERIDIAN” named after S.P. Korolyov - together with Kyiv Polytechnic Institute - are developing UAV «Spectator», while SE "Antonov" is working on a long-range drone for high-altitude flights.

The State Enterprise “SpetsTechnoExport” is one of the biggest exporting companies under the state concern “Ukroboronprom”, specializes on foreign economic activities for export and import of modern armament, military equipment and technologies, as well as special purpose products. “SpetsTechnoExport” works closely with domestic enterprises, research centers, design bureaus, public and private companies from over 30 countries across the globe. 

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