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Pavlo Barbul about Russian aggression impact on the Ukrainian defense industry

In terms of sudden change of foreign policy situation, starting from the year 2014 the Ukrainian defense industry has had to provide quickly its armed forces with efficient solutions and technologies. At the same time we had to provide our foreign partners with quality and up to date products, attracting the currency to Ukrainian economy. Further developments of new technologies and equipment would be impossible without that.   

That was commented by Pavlo Barbul, director of SFTE “SpetsTechnoExport”, for the worldwide most popular military media Defence News.

“The bureaucracy takes some time, and when you see people dying every day in the front line we had to come up with solutions quickly and effectively in order to provide them with “turnkey” solutions to face the challenges they were facing”, - explained Mr. Barbul.

“SpetsTechnoExport” director said, that the company implements number of projects in development and production of cost-effective unmanned aerial systems, which are 1/3 of the price of rest of analogues, conventional ones, and will perform same tasks, same missions as Western ones. The ground based multipurpose unmanned systems will also be indispensable for the military, that is confirmed by officers of the Armed Forces. Two modifications of such systems under the name "Fantom" SpetsTechnoExport presented during the last half a year.

“Second stage which we are working on now is the development of munitions. So historically we didn’t have manufacturing in Ukraine of conventional munitions, and now our factories are focused on development in this sphere: missiles, shells, mortar shells, artillery shells and so on”, - emphasized Pavlo Barbul. 

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