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"Rejection" by Indonesia of the Ukrainian BTR-4 is just another fake of the information war

Information from the mass media concerning the alleged possibility of rejecting by the Marine of Indonesia the purchase of the Ukrainian BTR-4M is reflective of activating the competitive struggle for markets after successful first supply of the Ukrainian BTR-4M to Indonesia. The SC “Ukroboronprom” enterprises are going to continue fulfilling all undertaken obligations to their partners.

In January 2017, 5 units of BTR 4-M armoured personnel carriers were successfully supplied to the Indonesian Marine Corps within the framework of executing the contract signed at the beginning of 2014 between the SE SFTE Spetstechnoexport and the Ministry of Defence of Indonesia. Prior to delivery of the military equipment, it had passed functional tests in Ukraine and Indonesia, which had been performed by the special committee of the Customer. 

For instance, in January 2017, before accepting for operation, the Ministry of Defence of Indonesia conducted functional tests of the Ukrainian armoured personnel carriers in the territory of their country. The Customer tested amphibious capabilities of the armoured vehicles on the sea, conducted shooting tests and checked driving performance. Following the results of those tests, a Protocol was signed on performing functional tests. According to all 47 evaluation specifications of this Protocol, the Ukrainian armoured personnel carriers provided excellent results. The special committee of the Ministry of Defence of Indonesia did not have any remarks as to the equipment. For more details:

Analogous tests had been conducted in Ukraine before sending the equipment to Indonesia. On 15 June 2016, based on the results of the tests of BTR-4M, representatives of the Ministry of Defence of Indonesia confirmed with an official document that the Ukrainian equipment meets all the requirements of the foreign economic contract, and that they have no remarks concerning the armoured personnel carriers.

Let us recall that last week the mass media was already spreading untruthful information, stating as though “Ukroboronprom” had lost the market of Thailand. The State Concern once again underlines the necessity of verifying the data whose spreading may cause image losses for Ukraine in the international arena.

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