Ukrainian "Fantom" successfully performed proof firing with RS-80 missiles.
"Ukroboronprom" tested the combat module with a new type of armament to be installed on domestic armoured vehicles, constructed to launch the new RS-80 missiles, manufactured by the SJSHC "Artem". To test the new combat module, it was installed on the "Fantom-2" of the State Commercial Company "SpetsTechnoExport".
An updated version of the unmanned UGV, which is the cutting edge technology of the Ukrainian defence complex features important changes in "Fantom" that have been proposed by the Ukrainian military to increase its combat capabilities before the state tests.
"Fantom-2" features a new 8x8 wheeled formula instead of the 6x6 it had initially. This modification allows for bigger payloads and, correspondingly, for more powerful weapons on top of the carrier. Thanks to the increased dimensions, the developers managed to install a more powerful engine and increase the distance it can cover with a single fuelling. This significantly increased the Fantom's manoeuvrability and improved its cross-country performance.
And new combat module firing should have proven possibility of installing larger and heavier combat modules on a new platform. During practical shooting of the combat module with missiles RS-80 capable of creating battle effect similar to "Grad" on the battlefield defined targets were hit and the module was fully tested in the field including ballistic indicators.
At the same time "Fantom-2" confirmed the characteristics laid down by the developers, withstood the test and proved effectiveness of the modular approach in weapons development which allows to adapt "Fantom" not only for variety of weapons but also for various tasks from enemy elimination to evacuation of wounded within a short time period.   
"Fantom" is already being prepared for state testing with weapons consisting of heavy machine gun and integrated high-precision missile complex. Currently engineering team is engaged in equipment of the new platform and testing of its running characteristics and control systems. After completion of all works "Fantom" will start state testing.

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