Armoured Vehicles Up-Grade

R&D cooperation in the field of APCs BTR-50, BTR-60, BTR-70, BTR-80, armored reconnaissance vehicles BRDМ-2, ex-Soviet Union/Russian/Ukrainian production tanks, vehicles on universal track-type light chassis МТLB and other vehicles up-grade (priory to im...

Aggregates, Components & Spare parts

–       supply units from our products range or developing according Customer’s specifications

–       up-grade our products according to Customer’s specifications

Explosives and chemical blasting accessories for civil and military purpose

- TNT-containing explosives

- TNT-free explosives

- Granulated explosives

- Powdery explosives

- Packaged explosives

- Packaged emulsion explosives

- Emulsion explosives


Air Defence Radars

R&D of Messenger type radars with the purposes to detect and to track aerial, ground and maritime targets. They can be also used to guide the target or to point the target for anti-aircraft complex. It is supposed that the Messenger type Radars should ha...

Optical instruments

-         Joint R&D, production & technology transfer of Laser Range Finder with wavelength of 1.54 micrometers which could be applied both in pulse and frequency modes involving up-to-date developments in the ...

Contact Information


State Foreign Trade Enterprise “SpetsTechnoExport” is a fully state-run entity incorporated by the Government of Ukraine in 1998 for export-import activities at foreign armaments markets.


7, Stepana Bandery Avenue
Kyiv, 04073, Ukraine
tel: +380 44 5685070
fax: +380 44 5685068


B-5/147 Safdarjung
110057, New Delhi
tel: +91 11 26153792
fax: +91 11 26153830


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