T 72 tank
DefExpo-2020: “SpetsTechnoExport” presented new modernization program of T-72 (VIDEO).

SE SFTE «SpetsTechnoExport» a part of the State Concern "Ukroboronprom" presented new upgrade program of T-72 battle tanks which are still in operational use worldwide. The presentation was held during International Defense Exhibition DefExpo-2020 that took place these days in Lucknow, India.

The implementation of such a program will give a new life to T-72 tanks in a dozen of years ahead. It provides proven increased transmission systems, increased firepower, protection systems, improved electrical power, navigation systems and amended ergonomics.  

The increase of vehicle mobility performance and reverse transmission is obtained by replacement of previous model of engine to a unique six-cylinder 1,200hp 6TD-2 engine that was verified in dry heat conditions and mountainous terrain, it has increased level of service life. Also it provides a capability to set an additional diesel-electric power unit with a capacity up to 10kW and a complex digital control system. To enhance firing there was made a replacement of missile using the Kombat Missile, setting a new electro optical converters, implementing upgraded  systems of stabilization and fire-control.  Other enhancements include explosive reactive armour elements of dynamic (“Nizh”, “Duplet”) and active (“Zaslon”) protection systems, electro optical  systems etc. In addition, T-72 tank is equipped with KTR air conditioning.

Click HERE to see the VIDEO.

In general, the upgrade incorporates enhancements that include more than 40 parts and other tank aggregates. 

During  DefExpo-2020 exhibition foreign partners have already paid attention at the demonstration of a new modernization program.

Reminding recently Armed Forces of Ukraine got upgraded T-72 AMT tanks which were developed and produced at Kyiv Armored Plant. 

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