Regarding the execution of the contract for the purchase of the Ukrainian AN-178 aircraft for Peru

In respect to the wide distribution of false information by the Russian media regarding the suspension of the contract for the purchase of the Ukrainian AN-178 aircraft for Peru, the state-owned, self-supporting foreign trade enterprise SpetsTechnoExport is making the following statement.

The foreign trade contract between SpecTechnoExport and the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Peru for the supply of the AN-178 aircraft for the needs of the National Police of the Republic of Peru is valid and corresponds to the mutual interest.

Thus, the information that the Russian media began to spread in the media about the suspension of this contract doesn’t correspond to the facts.

As of September 2020, the Ukrainian state enterprise "ANTONOV" has completed the assembly of the glider of the serial aircraft AN-178 (under serial number 006) for the National Police of the Republic of Peru. The sections of the fuselage of AN-278 aircraft with the center section, empennage and outerwing panels were fully assembled at the Antonov assembly plant. All works related to the modernization and installation of new equipment are being performed according to the production schedule.

We note that after the company won the tender and signed a contract for the supply of AN-178 aircraft for the needs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Peru the Russian-language and Spanish-language media sources have launched a large awareness campaign on discrediting the contract, as well as SE “ANTONOV” as an aircraft manufacturer and Ukraine in general as an aircraft-building state.

In November 2019 SpetsTechnoExport, as a part of the State Concern “Ukroboronprom”, has signed the contract with the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Peru for the supply of AN-178 medium transport aircraft. Signing the deal opened the Latin American market for a new generation of ANTONOV aircraft.

In July 2020, SE "ANTONOV" rolled out the fuselage of AN-178 (Serial number 006). The manufacturer notes that the assembly of the aircraft proceeds according to the planned schedule.

Currently, the manufacturer is in the process of producing and purchasing aircraft systems, components, units, as well as aeronautical and electronic equipment.

In total, 25 Ukrainian companies and about 30 European and North American suppliers are involved in the supply chain for the new AN-178.

The configuration of the aircraft ordered by the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Peru allows:

  • transportation of personnel (100 persons);
  • transportation of passengers (80 persons);
  • cargo delivery (up to 18 tons); evacuation of patients on stretchers with medical assistance (40 people);
  • cargo airdrop.

Additional information:

The medium transport aircraft AN-178 was developed by the ANTONOV COMPANY, which is a part of State Concern “Ukroboronprom”. AN-178 is a further development of the family of regional jets AN-148 and AN-158 that has been certified internationally. The maximum cruising altitude of AN-178 is 12.2 km, the flight range is 5500 km, the maximum cruising speed is 825 km/h. The aircraft has a unique form of the fuselage and is able to carry various types of cargo. AN-178 can be operated from/to both unpaved and artificial pavement runways. An-178 completed its first flight in May 2015. Since then, a set of measures and steps for import substitution of aircraft components have been taken. As part of the AN-178 worldwide presentation, the aircraft has already been at airfields of the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Turkey, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates.

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