Prevention of Corruption


To report corruption, you can use internal and external channels.


Internal channels:


Mr. Oleksandr Reva – Commissioner for Anti-Corruption Activities at the SFTE Spetstechnoexport.


Information about corruption or corruption-related offenses and violations of the requirements of the Law of Ukraine "On Prevention of Corruption" should be reported:


• By telephone number: +38 (044) 568-52-87 

• By email:

• By online communication channel for reporting possible facts of corruption or corruption-related offenses (by feedback form on website).


External channels:


National Agency on Corruption Prevention:

By telephone number+38 (044) 200-06-91

By email:


Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office:

By telephone number+38 (044) 280-26-03 

By email:


National Police of Ukraine:

By telephone number0-800-50-02-02

By email:

National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine:

By telephone number: 0-800-213-200  

By email:


Report corruption in the enterprise

Information will be transferred to Commissioner for Anti-Corruption Activities