State Foreign Trade Enterprise “SpetsTechnoExport”

Fully state-run entity incorporated by the Government of Ukraine in 1998 for export-import activities at foreign armaments markets.



An-124 aircraft is designed for transportation of various cargos with 150 tons payload. Unique transport capacity and high performance of aircraft were acknowledged in commercial operation.



The High-Precision Passive System of long-range targets: detection, identification-and-determination-of-ground, sea-and-air targets coordinates and directions of movement.



The Yatagan МВТ is equipped with a 120 mm gun and an automatic loader placed in the turret bustle, which enable it to fire NATO standard ammunition.

General Areas

  • Research & Development
    UAVs, Upgrades and more

  • We will be glad to help our partners in distinguishing their needs in Ukrainian products, technologies and services.

    SFTE «SpetsTechnoExport» Profile

    Starting from July 1998 the State Foreign Trade Enterprise «SpetsTechnoExport» (Government of Ukraine Entity) specializes on export and import of up-to-date weapons, military products & technologies as well as special purpose equipment.

    We also have tight cooperation with various Research Centers, Design Bureaus as well as Original Equipment Manufactures of the military-industrial complex of Ukraine and other countries.

    Ukraine is one of the leading designer and manufacturer of the modern weapons, arms as well as personnel protection equipment.

    Corporate Newsroom

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    Mspo Results For Spets Techno Export – The New Agreements And Technology Unveiled

    SFTE SpetsTechnoExport and Artem Holding Company signed an agreement with the Polish company WB E...

    about 1 month ago


    Ukrainian "Fantom" Successfully Performed Proof Firing With Rs 80 Missiles.

    "Ukroboronprom" tested the combat module with a new type of armament to be installed on domestic ...

    3 months ago

    News ste 27.06

    Foreign Contracts Are The Source Of Investments In Defense Enterprises Pavlo Barbul

    As of today Ukrainian defense companies have an opportunity to attract investments only by conclu...

    4 months ago

    Contact Information


    State Foreign Trade Enterprise “SpetsTechnoExport” is a fully state-run entity incorporated by the Government of Ukraine in 1998 for export-import activities at foreign armaments markets.


    7, Stepana Bandery Avenue
    Kyiv, 04073, Ukraine
    tel: +380 44 5685070
    fax: +380 44 5685068


    B-5/147 Safdarjung
    110057, New Delhi
    tel: +91 11 26153792
    fax: +91 11 26153830


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