Mi-8MTV, Mi-17V, Mi-171, Mi-17V-5

Helicopters full-flight simulators
Helicopters full-flight simulators

The helicopter full-flight simulator is the integrated system consisting of the standard helicopter cockpit with the real controls, equipped with the complete set of instruments and cockpit equipment imitators, Visualization system, digital computing and modeling complex, motion system, instructor’s operation station with the integrated debriefing system.

The full flight simulator imitates real flight as well as the operation of all helicopter systems with high accuracy and in real-time.

Helicopter full flight simulator enables crew members to practice the following tasks:

• preflight cockpit equipment inspection and test, getting ready for flight;

• getting ready for the start, engines start and test, testing the operation of helicopter systems and equipment according to the checklist;

• aeronautical information input and check, taxiing, turns and turns around, running and braking.

• hovering, climbing, cruise flight, descent and landing, including autorotation;

• day and night flights in any weather conditions, en-route flight with the use of radio navigation aids and visual orientation;

• practicing crew actions and flight technique in good and bad weather conditions, day and night in all operational ranges of flight altitudes and speeds;

• imitation of the operation of all helicopter instruments and systems;

• practicing emergency procedures as well as those in cases of mistakes in flight techniques and aircraft failures according to the Flight Manual;

• practicing crew procedures during air weapons deployment;

• debriefing.