Light transport aircraft
Light transport aircraft

The AN-132 light transport aircraft is a deep modernization of the world-known AN-32. The AN-132 inherits the best features of its predecessor: the ability to be operated in a hot climate and high mountain conditions, take off and land from/to all types of airfields, reliability, and flexibility in operation. The AN-132 differs from the AN-32 with a new level of technical, economic, and flight performance data: increased load-carrying capacity, greater flight range, high fuel efficiency, lower noise, and emissions level. The AN-132 is intended for operation on short and medium-haul routes. 

The AN-132 can work around the clock, in a wide range of climate and weather conditions at any latitudes, to be operated at airfields with runways of different quality including short unpaved airfields and mountain terrains. The onboard loading/unloading complex of the AN-132 allows autonomous operation of the aircraft at poor-equipped airdromes.

The new aircraft performs various tasks including transportation of cargoes “in bulk” or using aviation pallets as well as transportation of light self-propelled and non-self-propelled vehicles weighing up to 9.2 t, mail. In emergencies, the AN-132 can evacuate civilians from disaster areas, casualties at standard stretchers, and airdropping of paratrooper rescue teams.



The AN-132 is a basic platform for designing a number of modifications for civil and military purposes.

AN-132ISR, an airplane for optical/electronic, radar and radio reconnaissance

AN-132MPA, a light airplane for marine patrol

AN-132 Gunship, a light armed airplane of Armed ISR class, for counter-terrorist application

AN-132ME, a light medical evacuation airplane

AN-132SAR, a light marine search and rescue airplane

AN-132FF, a fire-fighting airplane



Pallets 88" х 54" 8

Pallets 88" х 108" 4

Pallets 88" х 125" 3

Containers LD3 6

Containers LD6 3

HMMWV (M1097A2) 2



soldiers 75

paratroopers 46

wounded 27

Overall length
24,53 m
Maximum payload
9200 kg
31500 kg
Range [6 t of PL]
3500 km
Fast cruise speed
550 km/h
Operational ceiling
8230 m
29,2 m
Overall height
8,8 m
Take-off run [G 28,5, ISA, SL]
895 m
Landing run [G 27,5, ISA, SL]
570 m