Thermal imaging sight
Thermal imaging sight

ARCHER TSA-11 is the newest sight specially designed for the usage of small tactical arms. The advantages of the thermal sight are its small size and an objective with a fixed focus that provides a sharp image from 25 m to infinity. However, the device has maintained all operational advantages of ARCHER sights, like flexible configuration mode, editable target reticles, profiles for different types of arms and ammunition. The device has a mechanical selector switch, which allows not only to switch the device “by touch”, but immediately select one of the preset operating modes. The device has a 40mm lens with a fixed focus.

The sight is equipped with a highly sensitive passive receiver of the far infrared band (LWIR) with a sensitivity of less than 30 mK.

A built-in color high-resolution microdisplay together with an eyepiece with diopter adjustment provides a high-quality image of aiming reticles and a minimum step of their movement during adjustment fire. Aiming reticles are implemented in automatic reverse functions for saving reticles’ contrast and automatic scaling depending on the enlargement range.

ARCHER TSA-11 is equipped with sensors of ambient light and proximity and has a serial interface for programming and remote control. A built-in recording module allows one to take photos and shoot video in several modes. The device has a multipurpose jack for charging, video output and device programming.

The design comes in a shockproof waterproof plastic housing with pumped inert gas resistant to corrosive environment. Сonveniently arranged controls are protected from accidental use. Batteries are charged in a device with the help of a built-in recharger.

There is also a mounting for installing additional equipment and a hand strap for comfortable and secure holding of the device while using it as an observation instrument.


The sight ARCHER TSA-11 can be used with any type of tactical arms.

Detection - 1500 m

Recognition - 380 m

Identification - 190 m

Technical specifications:


336, 640;



Габаритні розміри (без наглазника)
170x92x75,5 мм
Час роботи акумулятор/батарейки
6/8; 8/10 год
Допустимі ударні навантаження відповідають калібрам
Робочий діапазон температур
-40°C до +55°C
Час запуску приладу
2 с
Вага з акумулятором
0,75 кг