BM-7 Parus

Remote controlled weapon station
Remote controlled weapon station

The PARUS BM-7 combat module is intended to destroy enemy personnel from a stationary position or on the move, suppress fire emplacements, and engage other targets.

The main armament of the BM-7 "Parus" combat module is a 30-mm automatic cannon ZTM-1 with an ammunition load of 300-350 rounds. A 7.62-mm machine gun with an ammunition load of 500-2000 rounds is paired with a cannon, a 30-mm automatic grenade launcher with an ammunition load of 29 rounds, a 130-mm ATGM "Barrier" with two missiles and six 81-mm launchers of smoke aerosol grenades "Tucha".

The Parus is equipped with an optical-television sighting system and a panoramic observation device for the commander, as well as a "Track-M" fire control system.

The mass of the combat module (with full ammunition) is 1720 kg.