Armored repair and recovery vehicle
Armored repair and recovery vehicle

The Atlet ARRV is made based on the OPLOT tank chassis that provides BREM with its dynamic and mobile characteristics, the required level of protection and negotiability.


The Atlet ARRV is designed for the solution of a wide range of technical support tasks of tank units while performing all types of military operations under various weather and climatic conditions. It enables to solve the following tasks:

to conduct technical reconnaissance of the battlefield at day time and night

towing of faulty and damaged armored vehicles to the nearest shelters and damaged vehicles assembly positions (DVAP) electric and air start of the serviced vehicles engines assistance to crews in routine maintenance

load-lifting works recovery of stuck and sunken armored vehicles deep-fording welding and cutting works earthworks while arranging DVAP, access and exits, self-entrenching, etc.

Atlet ARRV is used in the composition of repair and recovery groups in the rear of tracked convoys when conducting a march, DVAPs, units and formations, recovery groups during fording operations, maintenance points, etc. They strengthen mobile maintenance means of tank battalions, division mechanized brigades and other units and formations, equipped with heavy tracked equipment.


In its layout Atlet ARRV is divided into three isolated compartments:

the manned compartment that holds crew members

machinery space that holds the main winch, drives reduction gears and fuel system and hydraulic drive tanks

engine-transmission compartment

Sections with an auxiliary power unit with welding equipment and cooling system, hydraulic panels of add-on equipment, auxiliary winch and battery section as well as fuel system tanks are arranged outside on the fenders.

Crane traversing speed
0.2-1.5 rpm
Jib traversing angle
Jib swinging angle
0- 75°
Maximum radius
6.8 m
Maximum speed
65 km/h
Ground pressure
0.93 kg/cm²
Engine power (6TD-2)
882 (1200) kW (hp)
Power-to-weight ratio
19,2 (26,1) kW/t (h.p./t)
Operating weight
46 t
Hook lowering and hoisting speed
0.2-6 m/min