Remote controlled weapon station
Remote controlled weapon station

Doublet is optimized for use on the BMP-2 family of combat vehicles.

In addition to an increased amount of firepower, an important characteristic of the RCWS Doublet is its autonomy. The module helps achieve multichannel weaponry (i.e. ability of its simultaneous usage for different purposes).


Machine gun 1 –  2 x ZTM-2
Caliber 30 mm

Sighting range:

• with APTr and APITr shells
• with HETr and HEI shells
• the range for air targets
• blank range/Range of direct shot


2000 m
4000 m
2000 m
1100 m

Machine gun 2 — 2 PKT
Caliber 7,62 mm
Sighting range 1700 m
Konkurs ATGM
Caliber 135 mm, 4 launcher
Destruction 4000 m
Targeting (homing) 4 pcs
Sighting and firing control 
Tandem-2-2 system