Fire fighting heavy vehicle
Fire fighting heavy vehicle

Designed for different classes of firefighting using water or foam, transportation to the place of fire brigades, firefighting-technical equipment and carrying out rescue operations on arsenals, bases, ammunition depots, and oil wells, clearing passes to the place of fire.



  • Brand: V-46-6 (V-84)
  • Fuel consumption on a dirt road, l: 250-350
  • Fuel consumption on a hour pumping unit, l: 60-75


  • Radio: MOTOROLLA GM-360
  • Intercom: TПУ-174
  • Capacity of water tank, m³: 20
  • The maximum height of the water being drawn: 7
  • The capacity of blowing agent, m³: 2
  • Fire pump, brand: FPN Ziegler-6000-2H
  • Master stream nozzle for water and foam
  • Master stream nozzle control: remote
  • Maximum range feed, m:
  • water flow: 70
  • foam flow: 36
  • Pump of hydraulic drive system, brand: PGP 511 AC
  • Bulldozer equipment with grader position: ТБС-86
  • Protection against thermal radiation by irrigating machine

Machine set includes:

  • foam generator of medium multiplicity: ГВП-600
  • hydraulic elevator: Г-600
  • manual trunk: РС-70
  • manual trunk: РС-50
  • water intake: ВС-125
  • retractable ladder
  • splitter: РТ-80
  • protective breathing equipment: Омега-С
3 persons
Weight in full gear
55 t
Base machine
T-72 tank
Length/ width/ height
8265 / 3560 / 3900 mm