Corsair M3

Overt body armor
Overt body armor

Internal plate pockets for soft armor panels (NIJ Level IIA – IIIA).

Material of soft armor panel: Twaron para-aramid or UHMWPE.

Soft armour panels are sealed inside a waterproof case.

Internal plate pockets for hard armor plates (NIJ Level III – IV).

Hard armor plate pockets accommodate 10” x 12” or 10” x 14” plates.

The outer cover is made from polyester and polyamide fabrics of our production.


Option of Equipment


Front, Back and Groin Protection

Protection Area: 49-53 dm²

Vary depending on bulletproof vest size.


Shoulder adjustment and fastening.

Adjustment at the waist.

Non-removable groin protector. Can be fixed under the front plate pocket to provide additional protection.

Three pouches for six rifle magazines and two pouches for grenades on the front.

Horizontal holder for bayonet knife.

Holder for CamelBak hydration pack.


Front, Back, Groin and Neck Protection

Protection Area: 57-62 dm²

Vary depending on bulletproof vest size.

Removable ballistic neck protector.