Chemical hemostatic devices
Chemical hemostatic devices

The CHD KROVOSPAS is primarily aimed for quick stop of massive (critical) bleeding at the battlefield - at the stage of providing self, mutual and unskilled first premedical and medical care. Individual soldier medical kits, field kits and medical vehicles could be equipped with the CHD KROVOSPAS. Application of the hemostatic does not require special medical knowledge and skills, and each soldier can be trained in a short course (lasting about 2 hours).

The devices are completely safe, they do not require preparation before use, checks of personal compatibility, further special medical supervision in terms of warfare, at the tactical phase of evacuation and in mobile combat hospitals. It stops bleeding from major vessels at the levels of world standards (QuikClot, Celox), thus further assistance, treatment and surveillance are carried out at the stage of skilled care.

3,6 м
7,5 см