Bomb Disposal Suit
Bomb Disposal Suit

Protection Area: 227-242 dm²

Vary depending on bomb disposal suit size.


Weight: 25-30 kg

Vary depending on bomb disposal suit size.


Protection up to Velocity – 570 m/s, Fragment – 1.1 g

Reinforced Protection Area: 23 dm²


Protection From:

F1 Grenade on distance up to 1 m, OZM-72 Landmine on distance up to 5 m


Protects against shock waves, fragmentation, heat, fire and much more.

KS-1 Model 1 was accepted by The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine and currently in service in The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and The Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Certificate of acceptance by the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine – A330J.

External material: flame-resistant meta-aramid material Conex of our production with antistatic coating.

Transport bag.


Main Parts

Helmet with Air Cooling System


Head protection.

A cooling fan is integrated into the helmet to blow cooling air onto the visor with the purpose to prevent it from misting.

Cooling of face and neck.

Additional polycarbonate backing.

Armoured Glass


Face protection is mounted on the armored metal panel inserted in the external front pocket.

Armored metal is made from strong aluminium alloy and provides integral head, neck and chest protection.

Armored glass size: 250 x 250 mm. Protects from TT pistol from a distance of 5 m.



All-round front and back protection.

Reinforced neck protection provided by a high collar.

Overlaid reinforced front protection (from head to groin). Protects against the explosion impact of F1 grenade and OZM-72 landmine.

The design provides the ability to remove a jacket with one hand.

Jacket opens fully on the left side.

Additional Pockets


7 utility pockets.

Body Cooling System


Cooling suit circulates iced water around the entire body to remove body heat.

Removable cooling unit is compact and located in the pack on the back of the suit.



All-round leg protection (from foot to waist).

Fixation at the waist and by adjusting suspenders.

Zipper on the rear side.

A protective leather panel in the knee area.

Protective Boot System


Shoe sole is made from current collector rubber.