Helicopter full-flight simulator
Helicopter full-flight simulator

Mi-2 simulator is designed to support individual learning. This simulator equipped with a general mathematical model which allows training operations, management, and use of the systems on board the helicopter for training and assessing the level of training of the crews of helicopters by the "Instructions to the crew of the helicopter" (IE), and also for training technical staff at working out problems in the pre-preparation of the helicopter.


The simulator can be used to work out the following tasks:

• the solution of navigational problems in real aeronautical conditions using updated databases;

• training flights with flight devices;

• initial pilot training;

• study of ergonomics of created systems;

• study of the impact of human factors on the accuracy and effectiveness of procedures performed. Mi-2 Full Flight Simulator simulates the normal complications and abandoned flight conditions in real-time day and night in all phases of flight.