Helicopter full-flight simulator
Helicopter full-flight simulator

Unique Mi-24 Flight Simulator of military armed helicopters allows training of crew (crew chief and simulation pilot) to fulfill the entire range of flight and combat tasks with the use of a standard onboard armament system. The main character of this simulator is that both cockpits are arranged in the same way as real cockpits and allow training of the use of air weapons in the real cockpit interior. The simulator allows training over 90% of crew training tasks. The outside world visualization system is represented by a multichannel projection system with a cylindrical screen and computer image generation.

AOCB-24AM ensures simulation of the following:

• Operation of the power unit on the ground and in the air;

• Operation of helicopter systems and equipment, except for oxygen dispersing equipment, inert gas system, air conditioning system, troop-carrying equipment and  X-ray intensity meter;

• Movement of the helicopter on the ground;

• Flight dynamics of a helicopter within the entire range of altitudes and flight speeds at all flying modes;

• Behavior of helicopter during run-out, take off, landing and flight depending on speed and direction of the wind;

• Real movement of control instrument and forces, applied to them, within entire range of altitudes and flight speeds in all flight modes;

• Acoustic accompaniment of the operation of the power unit, systems of a helicopter equipment, movement of helicopter on the ground and one-time events.