Multipurpose helicopter
Multipurpose helicopter

The MSB-8 multipurpose commercial helicopter has been designed according to a single-rotor (classic) configuration with an av tail rotor.


Depending on the configuration of purpose-designed equipment, the helicopter can solve a wide range of commercial tasks as follows:

• Transportation of passengers;

• Transportation of cargo inside cargo/passenger compartment and utilizing external load sling system;

• Search and evacuation of casualties due to emergency;

• Emergency transportation of patients to medical providers;

• Heliborne administering medical aid;

• Fire extinguishing;

• Very important person transportation

Service ceiling
7500 m
Maximum takeoff weight
15000 kg
Takeoff weight
12500 kg
Empty weight
7500 kg
Maximum load inside the cargo and passenger cabin
5000 kg
Gross load with external cargo
6000 kg
Максимальна швидкість
300 км/г
270 km/h