Simulator for aircraft
Simulator for aircraft

Full mission simulator for pilots of MiG-29 is intended to provide flying - tactical preparation for flying staff of fighting divisions as well as for the training of military educational institutions.


The simulator provides a significant reduction of financial expenses during training.


Structure of simulator:

• cockpit with simulators of the basic devices and systems of the plane;

• peripheral controllers with blocks of interface;

• three-channel of visualization system with lookup angle – 180° on a horizontal and 45° on a vertical;

• information computer complex and special software;

• instructor workplace;

• co-pilot workplace;

• set of the operational documentation;

• spares package;

• set of installation elements.

Вага нетто
6569 кг
Час безперервної роботи
не менше 8 годин
Max. electric power consumed
220/388 V 45 kW
Діапазон температур
не нижче +15°C і не вище +25°C
Мін. необхідна висота кімнати
6 м
Assigned operation duration
15 years using 16,000 hours
Мін. простір, необхідний для встановлення
102 кв
Вага брутто
9160 кг