Coastal missile complex
Coastal missile complex

NEPTUNE 360ST rocket system is a land-based cruise rocket system with anti-ship rockets. It is intended to defeat warships such as cruiser, destroyer frigate, corvette, airborne, tank landing ships and vehicles, which operate both independently and as part of the ship groups and amphibious groups, and coastal radiocontrast targets in visual and adverse meteorological conditions, at any time of the day and year, at the active fire and electronic countermeasures of the enemy.

The system consists of:

- Mobile command post; 

- Unified self-propelled launcher;

- Rocket in the transport and launch container;

- Transport-loading vehicle;

- Transport vehicle;

- Set of ground equipment.

Range of fire
up to 300 km
Remoteness of the firing position from the coastal strip
not more than 25 km
Maximum ammunition reserve
Maximum quantity of rockets in salvo from 4 launchers
Firing interval in salvo
from 3 to 5 s
Maximum speed (on highway)
70 km/h
Maximum speed (on dirt road)
20 km/h
Time of deployment of the system in the new position
up to 15 min
Rockets flight altitude range above the wave crest on the final part of the trajectory
from 3 to 10 m