The main battle tank
The main battle tank

The BM Oplot main battle tank is a tracked fighting vehicle that features high firepower, reliable protection, and high mobility.


The tank is intended to destroy all types of ground (floating) and low-flying low-speed air targets under the conditions when the enemy fires back.


The vehicle can fulfill a wide range of combat missions under various climatic, weather and terrain conditions in the ambient temperature range of -40 to +55 degrees Centigrade, air humidity of up to 98% at a temperature of +25 degrees Centigrade, height above sea level of up to 3000 m and with ambient air dust content available in real terrain conditions.


The key parts of the tank that determine its capabilities are as follows:




tank gun

coaxial machine gun

remote-controlled anti-aircraft machine gun system

Loading system:


automatic loader

control system

Integrated gun-and-fire control system:

sighting systems:

gunner’s day sight

gunner’s thermal sight

commander’s panoramic sighting system

main armament stabilizer

guided weapon system

tank ballistic computer

input sensors of tank ballistic computer

muzzle reference system

anti-aircraft machine gun control system



Ballistic protection:

main passive armor protection

built-in anti-tandem-warhead explosive reactive armor

anti-mine protection

Special defensive aids:

optronic countermeasures system:

optronic suppression station

aerosol screen laying system

collective crew protection system:

NBC protection system

fire/explosion suppression system

signature reduction aids:

dazzle painting

natural camouflage fixing devices

thermal insulation

engine smoke generator

set of camouflage nets

Self-entrenching device

Mine-clearing system attachments (attachments available on the vehicle hull and intended for installation of any type of track-width mine clearing system)





engine operation support systems:

fuel supply system

air supply system

lubrication system

cooling system

engine exhaust gas outlet system

engine pre-heating and crew compartment heating system

engine start system

Multiple reverse speed transmission:


multiple reverse speed final drives

Complex movement control system

Running gear:

track system

cushioning system

Deep Water fording equipment



Observation and orientation devices:

day vision devices

driver’s night vision device

orientation device (directional gyro)

hydro-pneumatic system for cleaning the vision devices of the hull and turret

Satellite navigation support system

Communications devices:

VHF radio set

commander’s HF radio set

crew intercom system

Auxiliary power unit

Vehicle’s electrical system

Driver’s digital instrumentation panel

Air conditioning system (optional)

Total weight
51 t
Maximum speed (on hard-surface road)
70 km/h
6TD-2 (1200 hp)