Reconnaissance and combat UAV system
Reconnaissance and combat UAV system

The SOKIL-300 reconnaissance and combat UAV system is designed for reconnaissance, target identification, issuing and striking at operational and tactical depth.

It can also be used for sea patrol.



The high-precision inertial control system based on laser gyroscopes 

Communication antennas

Satellite navigation system (GNSS)

Onboard radar system

Synthetic aperture radar (SAR)

Controlling elements


Communication equipment

4 guided missiles


Optical and aiming station


Maximum flight range   3300 km

Maximum range/with repeater  150/130 km

Takeoff weight     1130 kg

Cruising speed/maximum    150/230 km/h

Flight duration     26 h

Weapon type       guided missiles

Engine       Rotax 914UL (MW FLY B25R)

Availability of on-board radar station for target detection and target designation        provided

Obtaining a radar image of the earth’s surface      provided

Can be used from behind clouds and in a fog        provided

Ability to use weapon at low altitude       provided

Розмах крила
14 м
8,57 м
Практична стеля
10000-12000 м
Корисного вантажу
300 kg