Remote controlled weapon station
Remote controlled weapon station

The Stylet combat module is an upgrade of the Kastet combat module under the use of an
automatic gun ZТМ-2 (analog) 2А42, which has a smaller ellipse of scattering of shells when firing, than ZТМ-1.
FCS has in its composition thermal, television, and optic channels, laser Chanel range
finding, ATGM guidance channel, stabilizer, digital compass, satellite navigation system, sensors determining the shooting conditions.
The stabilizer is based on laser gyro and digital servo controllers, which are integrated into the control system by combat module.

1,5 t
3236 (with muzzle brake) х 2155 х 2240 mm
Automatic gun
ZTM-2 30 mm
Automatic grenade launcher
KBA-117 30 mm
Machine gun
КТ-7,62 7,62 mm