High-precision tactical rifle
High-precision tactical rifle

The sniper rifle has a convenient design: it can be disassembled into two parts, which reduces its dimensions and provides compactness during transportation

The rifle's barrel is console-shaped, which achieves the stability of the firing. On the upper part of the receiver and the cranks, Piccadilly-type guides are designed for sighting gadgets and other accessories.

A rifle can be fitted with a muffler to reduce the sound and flash during a shooting. It is provided with a MagPul PRS with an adjustable cheek and a retractable collar. The design feature of the UAR-10 is the permanent connection of the grip handle with the shutter frame. It allows both to pull a stuck round and to make a manual link

Main features: billet receivers, stainless barrels, match-grade triggers of their design, special sorts of steel and self-lubricant coatings, smooth gas adjustment, etc. 

Supplied in a complete kit including optics, suppressor, bipod, pouches and supporting documentation. Complex granted National Identification Number (NSN). Already replaced SVD rifles in UKR-SOCOM, Airborne and Marines. Also serve in National Police, National guard and anti-terror units.

7.62x51 mm NATO .308 Winchester
Принцип дії відведення порохових газів
поворотний затвор
Довжина гвинтівки
940 – 1045 мм
3,8-5 кг
Максимальна дальність
2000 м
Ємність магазину
10 патронів