With a carrying capacity of 400 to 30,000 tons

The marine constructions
The marine constructions

Load-carrying capacity of 400 to 30 000 t


 400 T 4,500 T 8,500 T 16,500 T 25,000 T 30,000 T

• Classification – IACS

• Non-self-propelled

• Self-contained regarding power supply (option)

• Composite (reinforced concrete pontoon, steel sidewalls)

• Is intended for all kinds of repairs of vessels and floating craft


The marine constructions are designed for shipbuilding and ship repair in the sea (ocean) and harbor conditions.


DOCK TYPES: metal and composite.

A hallmark of composite docks is that their pontoon parts are made of reinforced concrete and wing-walls are metallic, which is dictated by the maximum effectiveness of this construction.

The use of unique non-caisson technology of the longitudinal transversal jointing a float of separate parts of reinforced concrete pontoons gives the possibility to construct the docks of unlimited dimensions.

Mechanical, electromechanical, and paint shops are placed in metal towers which permit the carrying of ships and vessels to repair in autonomous mode. The floating docks are characterized by high safety factors and can be towed to any part of the world by sea