Missile complex
Missile complex

The VILKHA multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) is designed to destroy armored, lightly armored, and unarmored vehicles, enemy manpower, command posts, communication centers, military-industrial facilities, aboveground facilities for storage and other purposes at long distances. The peculiarity is that at the initial part of the trajectory a rocket projectile flight correction is provided with the help of pulse engines that reduce to minimum rocket projectile fly deviation from the preset trajectory. In the final part, the rocket projectile is aimed at the target by an inertial and satellite navigation system using aerodynamic control surfaces. VILKHA MLRS ensures forming of individual flight task for each rocket projectile that makes possible to defeat several targets by one salvo.

Number of shells in the package of guides
Maximum firing range
up to 100 km
Projectile length
7600 mm
Projectile caliber
300 mm
Mass of the projectile
923 kg
Guidance system
Number of control channels
Duration of barrage
no more than 40 seconds
Projectile control time
Projectile control time
Ambient temperature
from -40 to +50°C